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Bun's Roller

​Team Building


Bun's Roller

Burn calories

Gather the team spirit

Infinite scroll,

Ignite sparks of collaboration

Beat music driven

team atmosphere

Bun's 2020

​Team building activities

Bun's Roller

Bun's 2020

Team Building

We specialize in providing unique, memorable and stimulating team training experiences for a variety of groups, designed to strengthen cohesion and cooperation among team members. Whether your team wants to create shared memories or pursue a closer relationship, our roller skating activities will create an unforgettable team-building experience.

Bun's Roller

Bun's2020 will deeply understand the status of the group and design a unique activity plan to ensure that the activity perfectly matches the needs of the group.
In addition, we will discuss with professional coaches to provide a variety of activities, such as challenges, expansion training, cooperative games and workshops, etc. Whether you are looking for teamwork training or the improvement of members' physical, mental and spiritual quality, we can meet your needs and provide professional guidance and feedback.

Challenges, expansion training, cooperative games,

Meet your needs in all aspects!

Experience the excitement and share the joy of teamwork!

Bun's 2020 Team Building Package

Bun's 2020 Team Building Package


​Package includes*:

- 1 Bun's2020 professional coach

- 10 tickets for roller skating

- 10 drink coupons

- 1 hour roller skating lesson + 1 hour free time

*Includes one hour of group coaching.The venue is preset with a table, and each person has a set of free cutlery, plates, cups and drinks.

You are welcome to bring any balloons, venue decorations and banners to add a joyful atmosphere to your party. We will arrange a host to add to the fun and manage the venue. If you need to arrange the venue, you can arrive 30 minutes in advance.

After arriving, you can go through the formalities at the door with the on-site staff, who will seat you and help you get your roller skates from the roller skate rental area.

Bun's Roller

Quarry Bay

Bun's Roller

D2 Place

Infinite joy,

A priceless treasure to bring to your team!

The world of rollers,

Great place for team gathering 

Freeze Skate

Glide Off

Follow the Leader

Conga Line

Bun's Roller
Bun's Roller
Bun's Roller
Bun's Roller

Multiple game modes

工作區域 6.png

Bun's 2020

Customized plan just for enhance your

Team bonding!

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